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Starting a Background Screening Program or Business?
CRA Compliance, Protection and Education Start-up Package
CRA Compliance, Protection and Education Start-up Package
A background screening firm or “Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA)” is a growing industry as even the smallest employers, non-profits and faith-based organizations are increasingly performing background checks on employees prior to hire.

While the opportunity is there—and it can be lucrative—becoming a CRA involves passing many regulatory and compliance entry hurdles. Historically, CRA entrants have spent a lot of money determining what they need, trying to find where to get it, and then paying thousands of dollars to commission the required documents, train employees and develop policies.

And worse is discovering a deficiency after a breach in compliance or practice that they never knew they needed. In short, new CRAs may not know what they need, how to get it when they do discover the need, and then spend too much money for materials that are not up to standard.

CRAzoom, LLC has created the solution. Our CRA Compliance Package for the CRA start-up solves the compliance, protection and education issues that a CRA needs to be safe and successful.
The package addresses three areas:
• Client and Consumer Compliance Materials
• Internal (CRA) Compliance, Protection and Education
• Internal and External Security, Compliance and Protection

All of these materials are NAPBS-accreditation compliant.These materials provide the new CRA with a base of needed documentation, are a lower cost alternative than contracting for piecemeal documents and are a starter course for accreditation—which is a difference-maker for a new CRA.

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